Production Booth_The Marco Players Theater

Volunteer Openings

Light Operator


The light board operator follows the cue sheet to bring groups of lights up and down during the play. He or she follows along in the script, carefully listening to the actors to execute lighting changes on time. This role is important because the actors rely on lighting as a cue. The tech director puts several different lights at different intensities into groups and stores them in memories on the light board. The board operator then changes the level of the entire group with a single fader.

Sound Operator


The sound operator follows the script and cue sheet and plays music or sound effects. Like lighting cues, the actors sometimes expect to hear certain sounds on time, so it’s important to pay close attention to the script and execute sounds on time. On the booth’s computer, the tech director creates a set of “cartridges” in a “rack” for each show, each one containing one song or sound, set at the proper volume. The operator clicks on the appropriate cartridge to play it, sometimes fading the level up and down.

Production Volunteer Time Commitment and Benefits


Total commitment of time is 20 days per play, 3 hours per day.  (1 week of tech rehearsal followed by 3 weeks of live performance.) The lighting and sound operators work together closely, reminding each other when their cues are coming up to make sure the show runs smoothly.

Performances are Wednesday to Sunday for three weeks.  The tech booth operators are in the theater one hour before show time, which is at 8 PM, and 3 PM on Sunday. Ideally, we’d like to have 2 teams of 2 so that we can alternate plays, with 5 weeks off between them.


Working with talented actors, director and theater staff offers rewarding teamwork, fun, and great theater!  Theater volunteers receive on-the-job training, complimentary theater tickets for preview night and develop technical and timing skills!