Sunset Park

Director: Richard Joyce

A contemporary comedy/drama that takes place in Brooklyn, New York. The main character is Evelyn Horowitz, a widow in her seventies who lives by herself and is a part-time teacher. Her apartment building is going co-op, but she can’t afford to buy in and cannot, by law, be asked to leave. When, her middle-aged children, Carol and Roger, hear about it, they realize that there’s money to be made in the long run: a long-term tenant has to be offered the apartment at a below market-value price and, eventually, the place can be “flipped” for a sizable profit. And that’s when the problems start – when money enters the picture, conflicts arise and old secrets come out.

Sunset Park is produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Director’s Bio

Richard Joyce has been a member of TMP for many years. He was formerly a member of the Board of Directors, Artistic Director and Director of many Marco Players children’s plays in the early years. He most recently directed I’m Herbert and Other Strangers at The Island Community Theater. Last season at TMP he directed Chapter Two by Neil Simon. His other directing credits with TMP include The Odd Couple, Wally’s Cafe, Jewel Thieves, and Jake’s Women. Richard is a licensed massage therapist at the Marco Island Athletic Club.  At the top of his “bucket list,” remains the passion to play Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.