Square One Improv The Marco Players

Lunch Box Series

Square One Improv

Performed By Scott Beatty, Dan Klein, Shaun Johnson, Gregory Sofranko

Saturday, February 11, 2017
Noon – Includes a box lunch
Doors Open at 11:30 am

Square One Improv puts you in the driver’s seat for a hilarious, completely improvised performance! Every show is different because it’s based on your suggestions, including songs and musicals created on the fly!

Performers’ Bios

Square One Improv

Scott Beatty – Scott traces his stage career back to 1983, when he appeared in a school production of the musical “Oliver!”  Following a 30 year hiatus, Scott returned to the stage as an improv performer.  Scott is a litigation attorney and believes that many of the skills necessary for effective advocacy in the courtroom carry over to the improv stage.

Dan Klein – Dan was kicked out of more classrooms than Joan had face lifts. Dan first began on stage playing in bands, including working for Royal Caribbean Cruises.  Now, with Square One Improv, he is excited to share the stage with his talented partners.

Shaun Johnson – Shaun discovered improv in Jr. High, but never imagined it would play such a significant role in his life.  After watching shows at ComedySportz, he decided to try it out himself and now, 10 years later, he has had the pleasure of competing with improve teams all over the country. By day, Shaun works for an animal pharmaceutical manufacturer and finds that improv helps him in the business world.

Gregory Sofranko – Originally from Wheaton, IL, Greg attended Second City improv Training from 2010-2012. In 2013, Greg connected with improv Anonymous and performed for two years before breaking off and forming Square One improv with its current members. Greg is excited about the group’s witty and talented members being able to provide a major city-like, professional improv experience to SW Florida.