Relationships Through the Years The Marco Players

TMP’s Reader’s Theater

Relationships Through the Years

Four short plays that explore the theme of importance of relationships during times of life, love, and everyday living. May contain adult content and language.

Reader’s Theater is a style of theater that involves no costumes, props, or memorization of lines. You will enjoy some new faces during this production that gives new volunteers and long-standing community theater lovers a chance to shine.


Double Wedding – by Craig Pospisil

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Deborah is more than a little nervous on her wedding day. Her parents’ constant chatter isn’t helping. And neither is Deborah’s reflection in the mirror, which keeps shouting out her darkest thoughts and worries. Can Deborah calm her fears before her alter ego literally steps through the looking glass and ruins things?

Directed by Doug Degelsmith

Emery Pulse, Beverly Dahlstrom, Marcia Sexton, Mike McNees

The Last December – by Craig Pospisil

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

An elderly couple sit at home on a cold winter’s night. The old man wants to finish watching his football game, but his wife is trying to get him ready to go out on some errand. The man is angry and bitter, and he clearly doesn’t want to go. His patient wife listens but gently prods. But there’s more to the old man than meets the eye, and the play ends with surprising sweetness and love.

Directed by Claire McKinney

Barbara Bonthrom, Doug Degelsmith

I’m Herbert – by Robert Anderson

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Two old, old people sitting on a porch in a pair of rocking chairs are talking and just talking and of course they don’t know how funny they are. Each has had one or more previous marriages and perhaps a few flings, but they are hazy as to the details. In fact, they don’t always know which one the other one is.

Directed by Jeff Hoover

Mike McNees, Claire McKinney

Biff & Blanche – by John Twomey

Produced by special arrangement with Heartland Plays, Inc.

Two second-rate thespians, Biff and Blanche, compete for a cab on a street in New York. While waiting on a bench, they spar over an audition and confront one another with their illusions about themselves, their careers and their attraction to one another—complicated by the fact that they had a brief encounter in the past but Blanche never returned Biff’s phone calls afterwards.

Directed by Jeff Hoover

Gregg Birr, Emery Pulse