Plaza Suite at The Marco Players Theater

Plaza Suite – By Neil Simon

Director: Richard Joyce

Plaza Suite is about what happens in the lives of different couples in Suite 719 at the Plaza Hotel.

Act one opens with Karen Nash reserving the Suite to celebrate her 24th  anniversary.  Karen is trying to put a spark in her failing marriage. But her husband Sam has his own plans.

In the second vignette, Jesse Kiplinger, ex-movie producer, tries to put the moves on his old flame Muriel Tate.

The third and final vignette is the story of Roy and Norma Hubley who try to persuade their nervous daughter Mimsey to leave the hotel bathroom in which she has locked herself on her much-anticipated wedding day.

This is classic Neil Simon!

Director’s Bio

R.E. Joyce has long been a member of the Marco Players. For many, many years he was the Artistic Director, actor, director and member of the Board of Directors.He is still acting and directing when the opportunity presents itself.

He is by profession a licensed massage therapist and works at the Marco Island Athletic Club.

He has a long list of acting and directing credits. His most recent directorial production was “I’m Herbert and Other Strangers” at the Island Players.

At the top of his “bucket list” remains the passion to play Big Daddy in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.