Rehearsal for Murder

This is a thrilling theatrical murder mystery in which the stage is used to solve the mystery of a surprise murder that occurred exactly one year ago!


Four One-Act Comedies

Based on rave reviews from last season, we’re bringing you more one-act comedies by Bruce Kane! Get ready for some retired superheroes, a Justin Thyme mystery, and relationship humor.


Come Blow Your Horn

Neil Simon’s first Broadway comedy smash hit, parents are horrified as they watch their two sons engage in hilarious acts of womanizing and rebellion. Will they ever grow up?


Spreading It Around

When a widow living in an up-scale retirement community grows tired of handing out money to her unappreciative children, she creates a wicked plan to “spend it now” that may just trigger a standing ovation!


Black Tie

A black-tie affair gets messy when cultures clash and time-honored ways of the past must be defended. An engaging comedy about generational shifts, Black Tie is insightful and touching.