“Ramsey’s Replicas” – Bette Davis and Joan Rivers

“Ramsey’s Replicas” – Bette Davis and Joan Rivers

Written and Featuring: Jennifer Ramsey

One Show Only: November 10

Enjoy an afternoon of comedy with the Celebrity Tributes of Jennifer Ramsey. We will take you from the era of the silver screen with the anecdotes of Bette Davis, to our modern era with the ever edgy Joan Rivers. Don’t miss this Hilarious […]


The Mind Must Be Convinced – Ida Tarbell

The Mind Must Be  Convinced – Ida Tarbell

Written by and Featuring: Janina Birtolo 

One Show Only: Jan 12 Janina Birtolo continues her exploration of the lives of fascinating historical women with The Mind Must be Convinced, an original one-woman play about Ida Tarbell, the investigative journalist whose work helped break up the […]


Love Letters

Love Letters

By:  A. R. Gurney

Featuring: Marilyn Hilbert & Michael Hennessey

One Show Only: April 13

This Pulitzer Prize-nominated play, featuring Marilyn Hilbert & Michael Hennessey, details a 50-year relationship between two individuals, Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner.

He is a staid, no-nonsense, play-by-the-rules kind of guy. She is impulsive, impetuous, lively and unstable. These two opposites […]