n Evening with Natalie & Patti

TMP’s Reader’s Theater

Breakfast, Baseball & Heaven

We present two talented local playwrights, Natalie King and Patti Corsini Caroli. Tonight, literary favorites Dorothy Parker and Edna Farber will return to the Algonquin Hotel. Then we’ll take you out to the ballgame to catch a ball and then check in with God to see how his makeover is coming along.

Reader’s Theater is a style of theater that involves no costumes, props, or memorization of lines. You will enjoy some new faces during this production that gives new volunteers and long-standing community theater lovers a chance to shine.


Breakfast at the Algonquin – by Natalie King

Produced by special arrangement with Natalie King

After another night of partying, drinking and drugs a hungover starlet awakes in her room at the Algonquin Hotel to an unwanted guest.  Dorothy Parker, as witty and cynical as always, is there to help her start the first day of the rest of her life.

Directed by Jeff Hoover

Jeff Hoover, Shelley Gothard, Casey Cobb, Paul LoPresti, Paula Keenan

The True Story of A Very Good Catch – by Natalie King

Produced by special arrangement with Natalie King

Robert Cotter thought he was the luckiest 11 year old in the world when in 1923 he caught a foul ball at a Phillies game. Before the game was over he was being carted off to jail. This is not your typical baseball story. Join Robert while he faces the implacable Mr. Shettsline of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Directed by Victor Caroli

Kip Jones, Paul Nicodemi, Maximus Bogert, Gregg Birr, Victor Caroli, Willie Mayr

A Heavenly Makeover – by Patti Corsini Caroli

Produced by special arrangement with Patti Corsini Caroli

What if God took a nap for 60 years and woke up to find out He had lost His mojo? What if He tried to get it back by consulting with a slick, young PR agent on how to update His image—and ended up getting the PR agent possibly to rethink his own beliefs?

Directed by Anna Segreto

Victor Caroli, Paul Nicodemi