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Rossiya-Matushka: Mother Russia

Catherine the Great, the influential ruler who overthrew her incompetent husband and earned worldwide respect by doing much to bring Russia into modern times.

Rossiya-Matushka: Mother Russia2017-12-17T02:25:10+00:00

Square One Improv

Square One Improv puts you in the driver’s seat for a hilarious, completely improvised performance!

Square One Improv2017-12-17T02:23:42+00:00

J.Robert – Florida Fiddler Show

The enchanting story of the mystical Florida Fiddler, as told by Native Floridian J.Robert, takes you on a musical journey.

J.Robert – Florida Fiddler Show2017-12-17T02:24:12+00:00

A Christmas Cactus

In this mysterious romantic comedy, Christmas turns into a “Dickens” of a holiday for Cactus O’Riley as she solves mysteries, delivers small miracles and takes a second chance on love and sleuthing.

A Christmas Cactus2017-12-17T01:19:09+00:00

The Second Time Around

When Samuel and Laura announce plans to live together, their children hit the ceiling. In this comedy, all ends well for the elderly twosome, but not before the entire second generation is in nervous fits.

The Second Time Around2017-12-17T01:15:01+00:00

Cookin’ with Gus

Gussie Richardson, a famous food columnist and cookbook author with stage fright is offered her own daily network TV show. Then, a comical food fight almost ends the show and her marriage.

Cookin’ with Gus2017-12-17T01:39:51+00:00

Driving Miss Daisy

Just prior to the civil rights movement, Daisy, a rich, sharp-tongued widow is informed by her son that she must rely on the services of Hoke, a black man hired as her chauffeur. Over time, the two come to realize they have more in common than they ever believed possible.

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Heaven Help Me

The Holloway brothers’ string of casual restaurants is failing, and youngest brother Rollie owes money to every bookie in town. They need to sell the family beach house to recapitalize the business; but, deceased brother Fred is haunting the place!

Heaven Help Me2017-12-17T01:40:45+00:00

J.Robert – Florida Fiddler Show

J.Robert - Laugh, sing, and clap along with music, culture, and history from the “Land of the Walking Tree!”

J.Robert – Florida Fiddler Show2017-12-17T00:56:10+00:00

Taste of Broadway Series – Beauty and the Beasts

Beauty and the Beasts

Performed by
John & Mary Anne McKerrow and Michael McAvoy.

Saturday, February 20, 2016
Noon Lunchbox ($28) and 3 pm Special ($25) John and Mary Anne McKerrow will be joined by Michael McAvoy to perform a collection of Broadway favorites.   Only the noon performance includes […]

Taste of Broadway Series – Beauty and the Beasts2017-12-17T02:27:02+00:00