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Production Booth_The Marco Players Theater

Become A Production Volunteer

Production volunteers work in the production booth with sound and lighting, on the stage with construction and props, and with costuming, makeup and hair!

If you are interested in volunteering in production, read the descriptions below and then fill out the form on this page and we’ll get in touch with you!

2017-2018 Season: There are two positions available in the production booth, light and sound operator. Contact us to request a tour!  Learn More.

Volunteer Roles in Production

Become an integral part of a live theater production. You will be managing and organizing stage crew, technicians along side the director and actors from rehearsal to the final performance.
Lighting adds mood and highlights action; sound adds effect and action. Learn how to work as a production team members to use lighting and sound to enhance the effect of live community theater.
If you have a flair for wardrobe or design, this is a volunteer job for you. You collaborate with the director and create (or find) costumes for each productions.
If you have makeup or hairstyling skills you’ll love helping the actors bring their characters to life.
If you like to design and build, volunteer in stage construction and work alongside our Master Carpenter creating sets.
All those items you see on a stage (furniture, kitchen appliances, rugs, lamps, food items, wine glasses) are necessary for each production. Gather and shop for all the elements used on the stage during a production.