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2017-2018 Come on… Take A Peek

  • Joe Marino Rockin' Piano and Mob Hits Show

Rock ‘n Roll Hits Show

You’ll be dancing in your seat to 1950’s rock ‘n roll hits performed by Joe Marino, a talented tribute artist and vocal impressionist. Show includes a box lunch and Q&A.

  • Debi Guthery as Dusty Storm The Marco Players Lunch Box Show

Dusty Storm

If you love country music, you’ll love this show. Debi performs songs from all the big haired Country Queens of the 50’s and 60’s. Show includes a box lunch and Q&A.

  • J.Robert Florida Fiddler Show, Chapter 2

Florida Fiddler Show

Enjoy the next chapter of J.Robert’s famous Florida tales while you relax with lunch and his enchanting island music.

  • Elemental Women by Janina Birtolo

Elemental Women

Nourish your body and your curiosity as you learn about the achievements of some iconic, yet forgotten, women of science. Written and performed by Janina Birtolo.

2016-2017 Enjoy The Ride!

  • Second Lady Marilyn Hilbert The Marco Players Theater

Second Lady

Second Lady is a powerful piece about a fictional political wife who misplaces her prepared remarks and must fulfill a public speaking engagement by reflecting on her experiences and recollections.

  • Rossiya-Matushka: Mother Russia The Marco Players

Rossiya-Matushka: Mother Russia

Catherine the Great, the influential ruler who overthrew her incompetent husband and earned worldwide respect by doing much to bring Russia into modern times.

  • Square One Improv The Marco Players

Square One Improv

Square One Improv puts you in the driver’s seat for a hilarious, completely improvised performance!

J.Robert – Florida Fiddler Show

The enchanting story of the mystical Florida Fiddler, as told by Native Floridian J.Robert, takes you on a musical journey.

2015-2016 Love Is In The Air Lunch Box

  • The Black Queen at The Marco Players Theater

Catherine de Médici- The Black Queen

Lunchbox Series Written and Performed by Janina Birtolo Catherine de Médici The Black Queen Saturday, January 9, 2016 Noon The Black Queen tells the intriguing [...]

  • Taste of Broadway at The Marco Players Theater

Taste of Broadway Series – Beauty and the Beasts

Beauty and the Beasts Performed by John & Mary Anne McKerrow and Michael McAvoy. Saturday, February 20, 2016 Noon Lunchbox ($28) and 3 pm Special [...]

  • The Man Who Murdered His Mother-In-Law at The Marco Players Theater

The Man Who Married His Mother-In-Law

Lunchbox Series Written by Jeffrey Hatcher Directed by Greg Madera The Murderer Saturday, March 19, 2016 Noon A one-act play that tells the story of [...]

2014-2015 Reflecting on 40 Years

Woman Rebel

Woman Rebel Show Date: January 17, 2015 By Janina Birtolo An original one-woman show about Margaret Sanger, the founder of the American Birth Control League (the [...]

2013-2014 Eye Catching

  • Marilyn Hilbert The Marco Players

Second Lady

Second Lady Written by  M. Kilburg Reedy and Featuring:  Marilyn Hilbert One Show Only: December 7, 2013 Second Lady is a powerful performance piece about [...]

  • John and Mary Anne McAvoy McKerrow

Taste of Broadway

John and Mary Anne will perform some favorite Broadway tunes.


Cleopatra, How Sharp the Serpent’s Tooth Written by and Featuring: Janina Birtolo One Show Only: March 22, 2014 Janina Birtolo continues her exploration of the [...]

2012-2013 Hats Off Season

“Ramsey’s Replicas” – Bette Davis and Joan Rivers

“Ramsey’s Replicas” – Bette Davis and Joan Rivers Written and Featuring: Jennifer Ramsey One Show Only: November 10 Enjoy an afternoon of comedy with the Celebrity Tributes of Jennifer [...]

The Mind Must Be Convinced – Ida Tarbell

The Mind Must Be  Convinced – Ida Tarbell Written by and Featuring: Janina Birtolo  One Show Only: Jan 12 Janina Birtolo continues her exploration of [...]

The Adventures of Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny was born in 1697 in County Cork, Ireland. As a young women, she joined the ranks of Calico Jack Rackham

Love Letters

Love Letters By:  A. R. Gurney Featuring: Marilyn Hilbert & Michael Hennessey One Show Only: April 13 This Pulitzer Prize-nominated play, featuring Marilyn Hilbert & Michael Hennessey, details a [...]