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2017-2018 Come on… Take A Peek

2016-2017 Enjoy The Ride!

  • Second Lady Marilyn Hilbert The Marco Players Theater

Second Lady

Second Lady is a powerful piece about a fictional political wife who misplaces her prepared remarks and must fulfill a public speaking engagement by reflecting on her experiences and recollections.

  • Rossiya-Matushka: Mother Russia The Marco Players

Rossiya-Matushka: Mother Russia

Catherine the Great, the influential ruler who overthrew her incompetent husband and earned worldwide respect by doing much to bring Russia into modern times.

  • Square One Improv The Marco Players

Square One Improv

Square One Improv puts you in the driver’s seat for a hilarious, completely improvised performance!

J.Robert – Florida Fiddler Show

The enchanting story of the mystical Florida Fiddler, as told by Native Floridian J.Robert, takes you on a musical journey.

2015-2016 Love Is In The Air Lunch Box

  • The Black Queen at The Marco Players Theater

Catherine de Médici- The Black Queen

Lunchbox Series Written and Performed by Janina Birtolo Catherine de Médici The Black Queen Saturday, January 9, 2016 Noon The Black Queen tells the intriguing [...]

  • Taste of Broadway at The Marco Players Theater

Taste of Broadway Series – Beauty and the Beasts

Beauty and the Beasts Performed by John & Mary Anne McKerrow and Michael McAvoy. Saturday, February 20, 2016 Noon Lunchbox ($28) and 3 pm Special [...]

  • The Man Who Murdered His Mother-In-Law at The Marco Players Theater

The Man Who Married His Mother-In-Law

Lunchbox Series Written by Jeffrey Hatcher Directed by Greg Madera The Murderer Saturday, March 19, 2016 Noon A one-act play that tells the story of [...]

2014-2015 Reflecting on 40 Years

Woman Rebel

Woman Rebel Show Date: January 17, 2015 By Janina Birtolo An original one-woman show about Margaret Sanger, the founder of the American Birth Control League (the [...]

2013-2014 Eye Catching

  • Marilyn Hilbert The Marco Players

Second Lady

Second Lady Written by  M. Kilburg Reedy and Featuring:  Marilyn Hilbert One Show Only: December 7, 2013 Second Lady is a powerful performance piece about [...]

  • John and Mary Anne McAvoy McKerrow

Taste of Broadway

John and Mary Anne will perform some favorite Broadway tunes.


Cleopatra, How Sharp the Serpent’s Tooth Written by and Featuring: Janina Birtolo One Show Only: March 22, 2014 Janina Birtolo continues her exploration of the [...]

2012-2013 Hats Off Season

“Ramsey’s Replicas” – Bette Davis and Joan Rivers

“Ramsey’s Replicas” – Bette Davis and Joan Rivers Written and Featuring: Jennifer Ramsey One Show Only: November 10 Enjoy an afternoon of comedy with the Celebrity Tributes of Jennifer [...]

The Mind Must Be Convinced – Ida Tarbell

The Mind Must Be  Convinced – Ida Tarbell Written by and Featuring: Janina Birtolo  One Show Only: Jan 12 Janina Birtolo continues her exploration of [...]

The Adventures of Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny was born in 1697 in County Cork, Ireland. As a young women, she joined the ranks of Calico Jack Rackham

Love Letters

Love Letters By:  A. R. Gurney Featuring: Marilyn Hilbert & Michael Hennessey One Show Only: April 13 This Pulitzer Prize-nominated play, featuring Marilyn Hilbert & Michael Hennessey, details a [...]